Seaton may be finished within a week. I can’t believe it myself. A cardigan in a week. It’s not like I’ve been working on this until my wrists fall off either. It’s just been such a joy to knit. The back, two front pieces and one sleeve are all knit. All that remains to be done is knit the other sleeve, seam, knit the button and neck bands and attach the buttons and ribbon. Check back tomorrow to see if the sweater in a week phenomenon actual occurs.

I’ve even blocked all of the body pieces. Usually I wet block my knits but being cotton I decided to steam block Seaton. I pretty much follow the directions given here for steam blocking but for those of you who, like me, are visual learners here are a few pictures to guide you along.

First, I pin out all the pieces to the dimensions given in the pattern:

In this case I used my bed but usually I use foam kiddie slabs. Sometimes I try to add a bit of length because I seem to have a long torso. As this has stripes I made sure that all of the stripes were aligned on each body piece.

Next, I run a cotton pillow case under water and squeeze out the excess water. I place the pillow case over the piece, leaving the ribbing exposed because you don’t want that to be flat, and iron away:


This creates lots of steam, which I find very satisfying.

Leave it to dry:


Which doesn’t take nearly as long as the immersion method, and unpin! Lots of fun.

Today, I present the first set of knitting themed stitch markers uploaded to my Etsy shop:

I think these are so cute. More knitting markers coming tomorrow!