I was having some technical difficulties here yesterday including major html issues and flickr didn’t seem to be functional at all. I apologize.

I finally sewed some thin elastic into the ribbing of my Clessidra Stockings to prevent them from slipping and bunching around my ankles:

So far it’s working quite well.

I’m in knitting limbo right now as I can’t finish the Phildar Swing Jacket until I get the notions in the mail and my next project was going to be the Tangled Yoke Cardigan but I haven’t received the yarn from the U.K. yet. It’s been just over three weeks. Do you think I should contact the shop?

In the meantime I’ve started another hat for my shop:

It will be a simple striped beanie, I think. It was really hard to get a good picture of the colours but this is about right.

I’m very excited to sew my new labels from Jennifer’s Jewels; into the hat when it’s finished:

I think they look great!

I don’t usually work on the shop at such a frenzied pace but I submitted to vend at the Ladyfest Fall Craft Sale a while ago and I’m now on the waiting list. The sale is only two weeks away, and while I’m not confident that I will be participating, I nonetheless want to be ready just in case. Hence all the hats and stitch markers.

Speaking of which here’s another new set:

I’ve already sold one of these sets to my blogless friend Nat. I had planned on keeping this set for myself but I’ve put in another order so those ones will be mine.

I went to Chapters today and eagerly flipped through Veronik Avery’s new book Knitting Classic Style:

I’m a huge fan of hers and the books is really, really great. I can’t delve into the patterns much yet because I foolishly waited until I got home to order the book from Chapters thinking it would be much cheaper but forgetting about the six dollar shipping charge. I really, really hope it comes tomorrow, though, and then I’ll tell you all about my favourite patterns.

I did look through my Runway Knits book yesterday in search of a pattern to mate with the sale Jaeger Extra Fine. I’m now very much looking forward to making this:

Ultraviolet V-neck
To be honest I bought this book as a bit of an impulse buy and I was somewhat regretting it. I started to think of it as a bit of a trendy yarn company book which is not what I usually go for. But yesterday upon giving it a second look I’m very confident in my purchasing decision.
Just look at this:

I also loooove these two although I would have to get over my hatred of things touching my neck to make them:
Corded Pullover

As of late I’ve found myself a little more attracted to colours I normally wouldn’t go for. This first struck me when I saw the Harlot’s post here
I would never normally be drawn to this colour but when I saw it I immediately loved it. It could be the Dream in Colour though. I love the slightly variegatedness of it. I mean, I would sell my first born to be able to make a similarly simple sweater in this much more “me” colour:

Dusky Aurora

In sewing news, I’m thinking of making an A-line skirt for myself out of the pink fabric shown on the bottom here:

which I got from the wonderful Etsy seller Down Shadow Lane. I’m worried it might be a bit too lightweight though. What to do…