I cast on for the Deep V Argyle Vest on Friday evening amid some internal trepidation about finally learning stranded knitting. As with every new skill I’ve learned, I have no idea what I was scared of. I am now addicted. I’m about 42 rows into the colour chart.

Deep V at 40 rows

I also regret that I didn’t pick a softer main colour, like charcoal instead of black. I was under the impression that Eunny’s was black and white when I bought this Rowan Pure Wool DK from Elann a few months ago. It’s not the end of the world though.

I was so impressed with my new mad skillz that I asked Chris to video me and my two handed stranded prowess. You can view it here

I’m thinking of also casting on for a sock, perhaps with Lucy Neatby’s Celestial Dream or Fleece Artist from my stash, so that I have a travelling project while I’m working this. I don’t do well with multiple projects, however, so we’ll see.

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I went bat shit crazy ordering yarn online Saturday. The Jaeger sale was too much for me to resist even though I had already succumbed once. I ordered this:Jager Chunky Midnight

and this:

Jaeger DK Coral

but I was not satiated. I also perused the Lamb’s Pride Cotton Fleece on Ebay for Rusted Root and found that someone was doing some major destashing. I attempted to bid on a cherry colour many times but was outbit and then ended up mistakenly (don’t ask) bidding on some rose coloured skeins from another, less bargain minded seller. I haven’t won yet but it looks good, unfortunately. I don’t even think there’s enough there for rusted root in my size. Boo me.

You would think that would be enough now wouldn’t you. But nooooo. I saw Nicole’s gorgeous Road to Golden; and I HAD TO HAVE THE FALL KNITSCENE AND YARN IN THE SAME COLOURS RIGHT NOW or as soon as Canada Post could get it here so I ordered that from Little Knits.

Then we went to a farmer’s market on Sunday and there were yarn stalls! And yarn in my favourite colour! And I had to have it!

Belle Vallee Wool

I have a problem.

I did manage some output this weekend, though. I made an A-line skirt out of the pink fabric that I mentioned in a previous post.

A line skirt

I’m not overly thrilled on how it looks on me, it’s a bit snug in the hips but it will be nice when it’s warm again as it’s super light. Please excuse the wrinkles. My toastmaster iron really doesn’t cut it.

Yay! I just checked my mail and my buttons have arrived for the Phildar Swing Jacket:

Now let’s just hope the twill tape comes in this week.