I refuse to acknowledge how well Deep V is going lest I jinx myself. Last night I came to the neck section and decided to slip it on to see if it fit.

Deep V

It fits! Right now it’s acting like a corset and making my rack look huge but I’m confident it will fit my bust as well. Really. I am. Can you tell I didn’t swatch?

The good mail news: I got my first shipment of Jaeger from Cumberpatch today:

Jaeger Aran Peacock

The bad mail news: I had to pay an eleven dollar customs fee. I’ve never had this before. I’m now very concerned as I have all those other packages coming in after my yarn ordering spree.

The alternate colour I chose for Tangled Yoke is also not available at the other UK shop. I have to wait for them to get new stock. I decided to switch to the Herb colour of Rowan Felted Tweed (although I haven’t heard if this is acceptable yet):

Herb instead of the Bilberry I originally ordered Biberry or the Melody I inquired about melody. For some reason this was an agonizing decision. I like Bilberry a whole lot but I thought Herb might be more appropriate for the cardigan:

Tangled Yoke

Any opinions?

I’ve heard from my friend Melina that our group order from Scout’s Swag is in. I can’t wait to get it!!! I may go pick it up tomorrow.

Tonight my blogless friends Nat and Renee are coming for a Yarnover! A sleepover with knitting! Pics tomorrow.