Knitting Classic Style has arrived! Most of my favourite patterns can be seen here. I especially love that argyle men’s sweater. Truly classic and stylish. Other favourites are this Layered Skater’s Top:

Although I’m not sure how I feel about the orange top layer, I do love the lower, blue layered sweater:

I adore these socks:

There are a few other patterns that I like but I’m not sure if I’d make, such as this one:

I have a feeling that with this particular top I like the way they’ve styled it more than the top itself. Not being in possession of a kicky orange skirt and knee high brown suede books it might not be a best bet for me.

The book is also very nicely laid out and photographed.  Being hard cover and someone square, I’m foreseeing it will be a bit of a bitch to keep open as you’re knitting, however.

There are only a few duds in the book.  Another pattern for a knit tie.  Really? REALLY? really

I also don’t really get some of the yarn colour choices.  The primary navy blue in the military jacket initially turned me off of the pattern completely.  But with a colour change I think it could be great.

In general, there aren’t a whole lot of patterns that I went nuts over but it’s definitely worth consideration.

I could not wait until I saw Melina on Saturday to get my Scout’s Swag so I trucked it over to her office building today and picked up my goods.  The yarn isn’t quite what I expected.  Here’s the Zuluknitty on her site:

and here’s my skein:

The blue is less vibrant than I expected.  But it’s still very pretty.  And the notions?

Fantastic.  We’ll ignore the fact that I don’t have a car to adorn with a car magnet.  I think I might go buy one just to be able to toot around town with a yarn ball on my caboose.

Our knit together was good fun last night.  In preparation I baked some very tasty brownies:

We ordered some delicious Vietnamese food and talked and talked and talked and knit.  Well Renee will knit eventually.  Right now she’s cutting up a gazillion grocery bags to make one big grocery bag (sorry for the blurry pictures, with the flash on I was unimpressed):

Nat worked on a pretty lacy cashmere (!) scarf:

I’m now past the armscye shaping on Deep V.  It’s still going well although I did forget to decrease around the v-neck for quite a few rows.  Could this be another one week project?  We’ll see.

Last but not least new in the Etsy shop today: