Thanks to everyone for their kind words about the Deep V vest. I really couldn’t be more pleased with it.

I finally got the twill tape for the Phildar Swing Jacket and spent the better part of the day finishing it, which, like the rest of the project, was a nightmare. The snaps need to be redone again so the front lies flat but I can’t even bare to look at it anymore.

I sewed the twill tape by machine but it was very thin (about 1 inch, I think) so it took forever.  Sewing it by hand was probably the way to go.

I also got my other order of Jaeger from Cumberpatch today. I’m not very happy with the pink. The perils of ordering online, I guess. I’ll try to take pictures tomorrow.

We bought some ground cherries at the Lansdowne market last weekend but Chris didn’t like them much so I made a tart with them last night.

It was really really tasty.