The Phildar jacket is blocking again. I think the left side may be longer than the right and this is causing the button band issues. Damn me and my resistance to counting rows!

Last night I finished the back of the Equestrian Blazer.

I had to fool around with the image tools in iPhoto a lot to get a colour even resembling the actual one. I’m using the recommended wool, Rowan Harris Tweed (cha-ching!) that I picked up over the Easter weekend at Romney Wool in the recommended colour because I love it. It’s a bit more burgundy than shown here.

Just as I had finished it I checked my Ravelry account, as I do a couple hundred times a day and was delighted to find that Kate Gilbert had commented on my Cardigan for Arwen! We’ve been chatting back and forth. I love her! You really have to try one of her sweaters / cardigans if you haven’t yet. It’s never dull. I told her that she has a very EZ way of approaching shaping and I really think it’s true. She’s a very think-outside-the-box designer in a non “I’m going to make a sweater that looks like a bondage uniform” way. Love her.

Though I did finish the back pretty quickly I’m actually trying to ease up on my knitting. It’s actually more that I’m trying to stop my indolent, watching Bill Kurtis, sitting on my butt knitting all day, every day lifestyle that’s taken over lately. I know that may sound like heaven to a lot of you, and I have enjoyed it, but it gets a bit self-indulgent. I have a to do list to tackle. Some items are important; like cramming for a job interview that’s outside of my field on Thursday (shudder), and some are less important but still nagging; like sewing labels into the hats on my etsy shop or work on projects I screwed up at the finished stage or frog things I will never ever wear. Or read a book. I have an English degree and yet I’ve been reading the same library book for over two months.

No yarn in the mail today as of yet but here is the Jaeger haul from yesterday.

Extra Fine Merino Bulky in Midnight:

(it’s actually a bit darker)

And the disappointing DK in Coral:

(again, the colour is a bit darker).

Here’s what coral looks like if you ask me:

The yarn is more dusty rose to me. I don’t like it. I’m trying to like it. I’m telling myself it will be nice knit up. We’ll see.

The Elann Peruvian Pure Alpaca Fina was released today and here are the colours I chose for the Enid Cardigan:

I’m not sure what it will look like in pattern. Any opinions?

I put the last set of stitch markers, at least for now, in my shop yesterday:

Tomorrow will be an exciting Etsy day for me. Sorry to make you wait but it’s not quite ready!