My Anne of Green Cables pattern was test knit by the lovely Shannon and proofread by Nat and is now as perfect as possible and available on my Etsy site.

I had to change the name of the pattern because apparently I’m not the only one full of literary puns and someone out there already had a knitting pattern by that name.

I’m excited and nervous. 2007 was my year to learn stranded knitting, last year it was socks, the year before it was circular knitting. 2008 might be my year to have a pattern published in a professional magazine, online or print. I hope typing it will make me do it! It’s such hard work, though! I couldn’t believe how much work it was to get a pattern for this little hat together. I have so much more respect for designers now.

The swing jacket is still wet.

Swing Jacket

I barely worked on the Equestrian Blazer yesterday but it is still going well. When I first cast on I thought I would again try to convert to Continental knitting. The knit rows went very well but my purl rows were horrific. They were so loose I couldn’t even fix them later. Plus I know I’m faster as of now with English so I’m a tough convert.

I got my order from Little Knits yesterday. Here are the colours I chose for Road to Golden:

Base Colour

Contrasting Colours:

I think for now I will have to try to control myself in regards to buying yarn. I won’t call it a diet because as we all know, diets don’t work.

I did get a few things done on my to do list yesterday. Not as many as I would have like, however, because the shrug I thought would take me five minutes to unravel took two hours. I did get to finally use my wool winder, though.


It was also a lesson in how yarn can be deceiving because from one shrug I got:

Not sure what I’ll do with it yet.

Today I need to finally tack down the collar on my Sesame cardigan so it doesn’t flop all over the place and fix the sleeves on the reconstruction of my Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society t-shirt. Toodles.