The Phildar Jacket is still wet. It’s like it’s sucking in any moisture from the air in my apartment and refusing to let go. Sesame is also wet and the right front of the Equestrian Blazer (heretofore known as EB because I’m sick of typing the long title) is also blocking.

It’s starting to smell like a sheep sauna in here.

I got my Cotton Fleece from ebay in the mail today. Again, the colour isn’t very similar to the light pink colour shown online.

I realize how difficult it is to capture true colour, hence the hazy shade of my EB above, but I think the seller should at least mention that the colour is slightly darker in real life, or link to a shade card or something. My days of online yarn shop may be numbered. That’s totally a lie, but at least now I know not to get too attached to a shade.