I feel like I spend more time amending old knits than making new things lately. But that’s probably a very good thing. I’m now a lot happier with Sesame, which was my first ever sweater. I hardly ever wore it because the collar and length bugged me. Now that they’re fixed and I also stitched the button holes smaller I think I’ll feel a lot better in it.


I call this my “Pre-tennis look.” It’s only slightly better than my “Post-tennis look.”

Sesame 2

I’ve also continued fighting with the Phildar Jacket From Hell. I’m starting to feel that it’s a lost cause. I shoved aside in frustration today. Some day when I’m not so pissed with it I will take it out again.

EB is still going well. I’ve finished the back, both fronts and a sleeve. I anticipate having it done by the weekend unless I end up working.

Over the weekend I also used an awesome Aranzi Aronzo notebook I’ve had since before I left Japan but never used to sketch out some sweater design ideas. The notebook is even gridded! It’s such a daunting process to do a pattern for a whole sweater but I’m sure it would be satisfying at the same time.

Robyn announced the third SP contest today and I figure I better flash my stash now or never. I have two baskets which in some self-controlled past life fit all of my stash but are now inadequate.

This one’s nestled in my pretty but useless fake fire place, the mantle of which can be seen in the Sesame pictures.

Sorry this one’s so blurry. It’s under a table in the corner and trying to balance on my haunches after doing some quad stretches was not happening.

Here is my craft shelf.

Pathetically I have one tiny craft shelf. Not a room, not even a cubby, but one sad little shelf. I tidy it up every so often but it always ends up looking like this. The ugly green bag is stuffed with half used balls of yarn and all my circs.

Last night I made a fancy meal. Well, for me as of late. It was no Coq Au Vin but it was better than frozen tacquitos. I made some spaghetti using this tomato sauce recipe. Unfortunately, when I took the Pyrex baking dish out of the oven I had no where to put it in our tiny kitchen and decided to put it in the sink where it immediately shattered into a million tiny pieces. Irregardless, the consistency was great, I used an immersion blender instead of a food mill because I don’t have one, but it was a little sweet, even though I didn’t add the orange juice. Next time I think I would try red wine. I also made a tasty salad. The oil and vinegar dressing I use is very similar to Kate’s so go there because I’m too lazy to type it all out. I threw some spring mix in a bowl and topped with some chopped walnut, diced pear and crumbled blue cheese plus the dressing. We also had a crappy loaf of Italian bread from a nearby bakery with some oil and vinegar swirl. For once in my life I didn’t have dessert. I figured the bread calories was enough for my thighs. Can you tell I’m on my gazillionth health kick?