EB is almost finished.

I’m just waiting for the left arm to dry so I can seam and attach it and do it’s cuff edging.  The collar edging is doing some annoying rolling and folding but I’m sure it’s nothing another round of steam blocking can’t handle.

As I spent about seven hours seaming and doing the edging today I pondered how much I hate finishing.  Not really because I suck at it anymore but because I’m definitely and unabashedly a product knitter (the sleeve is sitting under a fan to speed up the drying) and finishing seems to always be an afterthought to me.  I just find it tedious.  I’m overcoming my hatred of picking up and knitting now that I know how to do it properly, thankfully.

Anyway, I was wondering, would you ever let a technique or process or too much finishing in general stop you from making a project, even if you really liked the design? For example, if you hated Kitchener Stitch and a sweater called it would you skip it?