Today has been crappy.

I went to check mail and found a delivery notification card from yesterday.  Thing is, we were home all day yesterday and the mail carrier never buzzed us.  On the notification card was written a customs charge of $17.89.   We don’t get paid until tomorrow and I’m freaking sick of paying customs charges.  We walked to the bank, which isn’t particularly close, withdrew some money after some fancy figuring and walked to the post office.  Apparently the online tracking and the notification card had both lied and the package wasn’t there.  I returned two hours later and was informed that it was in transit.  Seething, I told the  post office lady that online it says the package arrived there yesterday.  She went looking for it and it was there and probably had been all along.  Of course it’s the Bilberry colour.

I will never ever order from Angel Yarns again.  I’ve e-mailed their customer service rep for the millionth time and wasn’t as confrontational as I probably should have been but we’ll see what happens.  I don’t have high expectations.

I didn’t have enough onions for the nut loaf so I had to return to the grocery store.  It seems to be going well (crosses fingers) though.

The kaiser role I was heating up for my lunch burnt in our useless toaster oven and I had to throw it out.

My allergies are making my head feel like it weighs as much as the ball of festering rage that has lodged itself in my chest.

I found the receipt for the Rowan Scottish Tweed I bought in Toronto for the Equestrian Blazer but the shop is closed on the only two days we could go to Toronto this weekend.

Thanks god The Office and the premiere of 30 Rock is on tonight.

See you Tuesday and Happy Thanksgiving!