The Souther Ontario Thanksgiving Heat Wave of ’07 is over and we’re back to Ottawa’s rainy, seasonal weather. I’d take that any day over humidity so bad you can’t sleep at night.

The nut roast went over well among those brave enough to try it. I ate so much over the weekend I think I put on two pounds per day. Damn my grandmother and her awesome pie! She even made us egg salad sandwiches for the ride back.

Labelled of course.

I worked a lot on the Pomatomus socks, especially on the car ride down. I managed to lose two of my five Addi Turbos, probably under my grandparent’s deck. They’re looking good except for some pooling, but I prefer to think of it as creative spiralling.



I also dragged Chris to Cloth and Clay, a surprisingly nice, considering it’s in a strip mall, yarn shop in Waterloo. They have a great selection but I restrained myself to purchasing the Interweave Holiday Knits issue and an extra skein of Cotton Fleece in Provincial Rose for Rusted Root. The dye lots don’t match but I held them up to the window together and they look the same to me.

Now we’re sort of back home but not really. My parents are in California so I’m looking after my brother, sister and their dog until Sunday. To calm my nerves I worked a tiny bit on the Shetland Shawl vest last night.

It seems the only way to get semi-decent picture is to hold it up to a window.

I have to say I really don’t understand how people work on multiple projects at the same time. After working on the socks for four days I kept knitting through the back loops on the vest even though I didn’t have to. I guess I don’t have that mental dexterity necessary for project juggling in me.