I forgot to mention that when we were in Kitchener my grandma gave me four of these awesome pink DPNs that were given to her by an old family friend Hilda.

They came in really handy when my Addis disappeared.  I wonder if they’re Susan Bates.  They’re very light

I went to Fabricland yesterday where apparently the staff was competing for the World’s Bitchiest Fabric Shop Employee trophy.  My reward for putting up with their sass was these lovely buttons for Shetland:

I think they’ll look great.

My mom just hinted that she might buy me the shoes I posted yesterday when she gets back from California.  She is not prone to buying me things but I think she realizes how much I do not want to be here looking after my ingrate siblings this week.  Oh yes, they will be mine.

Nat will be here soon and we’re off for a rainy day Wool ‘N Things expedition.  Give me strength.