I caught the second half of the second episode of Project Runway Canada and was sufficiently hooked to watch the first episode online this morning first thing (it’s a difficult life, this). I kind of love Carlie but that may just be because of her kick ass hair. I hadn’t seen the American version before so I was surprised that most of the participants were already fairly successful designers and therefore wickedly talented for the most part. Except Megan. You can’t sew? Really? You were aware that this was a show for people who want to make clothing right?

I want to hate Iman because she’s married to my boyfriend and, well, I do. It’s not all her fault. I’m sure she didn’t beg them to use “you just don’t measure up” ad nauseum and she sounds fine when every single word coming out of her mouth isn’t scripted but that isn’t often enough to make her bearable to listen to.

Regardless, it’s quite inspriational and I walked to the grocery store today critiqueing every lunch break office worker’s outfit. It wasn’t difficult. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who are supposed to be professionals dressing like they’re at a slumber party when they were twelve. Don’t even get me started.

This pre-dates my PRC period, but I skipped to Heavens to Betsy this weekend and got a cute hat.

Who loves a cheesy vignette?

I love it so much that it doesn’t bother me at all that I have no upward vision when wearing it.

In knitting news, I finished the back of Shetland on Thursday or Friday and blocked it a few minutes ago.

I would have liked to block it a little more aggressively but it was to measurement as is and I didn’t want to make it huge. I’m about half way through the front.

Question: When I meet Veronik Avery and possibly Kate Gilbert in Montreal on the 28th is it super cheesy to wear one of their patterns? Should I try to be all cool and wear a Eunny Jang?

That’s right, Robyn is organizing a get together on the day I get to Montreal and she’s invited the Montreal knitterati. Jealous?