My mom didn’t make it downtown last night but I did get my Secret Pal package that she just mailed yesterday!

My secret pal is great and listens to what I like.  She know I like fabric so she sent me fabric.  I think this will make some lovely bags.  Actually, the black floral might make a nice dress without being overwhelming.  And I think it’s awesome that this is my October package so she sent me Scout’s Swag in the Socktoberfest colour.  Thanks SP!

While we’re talking about SP, the second contest in my group to is to post pics of your first FO and your last FO.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my first FO, it predated my ownership of a digital camera and it was given to my sister and my mother put it away somewhere with their winter accessories.

Anyway, it was a scarf.  I learned to knit when I was around eight or so, but I never knew how to do anything but the knit stitch.  I started many scarves with good intentions but never finished one.  I resigned myself to the fact that I didn’t have the patience or the focus for knitting.  I can’t remember what got me on to the knitting kick that stuck (probably a scarf in a movie or something) but about three years ago to this day I picked up Stitch ‘n Bitch and some Patons yarn in my favourite colours at Yarn Forward, and filled my days of waiting for supply calls (sound familiar?) working on the Go Go Garter Stitch Scarf.  It was acrylic, it had holes, I recognized even then that I would never wear it, but it was an actual finished scarf that someone could wear.  I think it was even a respectable length in total discordance with every other scarf I’ve ever made.  I hate knitting scarves.

The latest FO would be the Equestrian Blazer.

Since this initial photo I’ve tacked the collar down, as per Kate’s suggestion, so it doesn’t roll.  In the near future I plan to redo the bottom edging and make it looser so it doesn’t bunch up as it is even here.

You may have noticed the link to Vicky Howell’s podcast on the sidebar.  I read that Will Forte will be the guest on her third show and I am now very excited to check it out.  And I maybe want to win some free yarn.

I just did all the paperwork for that job I interviewed for in September, so provided I don’t have TB there will be more sock yarn in my future.   Excelsior!