For some reason Ravelry isn’t loading right now and I am totally panicking because if I have to go a weekend not at Rhinebeck with every other knitter in North American and without Ravelry, well, I think I might just die.

If I do I would like to buried with my new yarn.

I thank the lord that when my mom spotted a yarn shop (perhaps in San Marino? I forget edit: she was kind enough to leave the receipt in the bag. They’re from Nine Rubies in San Mateo) my father said he was going to keep walking, forcing my mother to go on the quick recommendations of the salesperson and not on her it’s-still-the-depression instincts. This is Paca Peds by the Alpaca Yarn Co. in Deep Sea and Fireside. It is the softest sock yarn I have ever felt. Normally, I would not go for the Fireside colour but I absolutely love it. It makes me want to knit it up while it’s still fall. Way to go mom!

The little thing to the right is this Knitting Thimble:

Chris immediately pointed out that she must have bought this because she was horrified at the red indentation the Lorna’s Laces left on my finger from working on the Pomotamuses over Thanskgiving.

I feel like it’s knitting Christmas around here lately. Melina kindly bought me some yarn in Ireland on her honeymoon and I’m going to pick it up on Sunday. Props Melina!

I’ll be able to post that on Monday, and, I can say with a goodly amount of confidence, also the finished Shetland Shawl Turned Vest. The front is finished.

(Thank you flash!) and all that’s left is to seam the sides and do the rest of the edging. While I am always tempted to sit down and do all the finished in one go, I am trying to be a patient lady and take my time and do it right so as to avoid having to redo it in a couple of months. Not that I know what that’s like.

I begrudgingly wish everyone fun at Rhinebeck. I comfort myself in knowing that if I was frolicking at knitting mecca this weekend I wouldn’t get to cook this tonight. Whoop-dee-doo.