Until quite recently I didn’t understand the concept of “stash yarn.”  I would finish a project, carefully decide what I wanted to make next and skip to my LYS to buy yarn for it.  Nat’s heaping laundry basket of yarn hidden behind a chair shocked me.  Why would you need all that yarn!?  Then a couple of months ago something happened.  Maybe it was Elann, maybe it was paying off my credit card.  Maybe it was sitting at home all summer with nothing but a computer and Ravelry to keep me company.  Whatever the spark, I began to accumulate.  I had to buy baskets and rearrange storage space.  All that space on my credit card began to fill up like my closets.

Chris was sitting here yesterday and decided he was going to organize my yarn for me.  He is the detail-oriented, neat freak that I am not.  He located all of my yarn (well, not the odds and remnants but that’s not worth discussing) and set himself down on one of my “blocking boards.”

He started with a plan that involved structural soundness and was displeased.  He decided on a spectral design.

The end result was a wee bit shaming.

Chris would like to to know that these are actually two deep.

But we finally found something to do with our useless fake fireplace!

In other knitting news  I went half-assed on the Equestrian Blazer and decided to try wet blocking it again instead of unraveling.  It’s raining and dreary today so it’s still quite wet and I’m unable to deliver a verdict as to the effectiveness of my slacker methods.

This conveniently freed me up to cast on for Tangled Yoke.  How long would you guesstimate that this six rows took me?

Maybe an hour?  Try six!  I don’t know what was up with me and / or this pattern last night but I unknit and dropped stitches and miscounted so many times that I went to bed with a killer headache and zero desire to work on this again.  Of course I will but I will be mighty glad when this stupid nonintuitive ribbing is over with.