Tangled Yoke is now under control.

After a good night’s rest I forgave it and realized why I was having such trouble. 1) I had misplaced my stitch markers and 2) I had cast on two extra stitches. Apparently I can’t handle counting past two hundred. I still find it tricky that with the garter rib the ribbing row doesn’t show the ribbing and is therefore not easy to just pick up and know what you should be doing. I keep having to flip it over and look at the ribs on the right side and talk myself through it. “O.K., I see two purl stitches so that means I have to knit.” Maybe I’m just a moron but it feels a bit like rubbing your belly and tapping your head at the same time.

Another reason this project started off on the wrong foot is I realized I had only ordered enough yarn for the 38″ size when I have a 40.5″ bust. The next size up is 42″ so I suppose when I ordered the yarn way back when I thought I would rather have it close fitting than loose. But in the present day I started to panic. I didn’t want to look like I was trying to squeeze into a Gap Kids cardigan.

Yesterday I decided to take my measurements. We don’t have a scale and I was curious if my unparalleled month long health kick was paying off. Guess what? My bust now measures 39″! Granted I would rather whittle that inch and a half off my thunder thighs but I’ll take what I can get.