Could this be the luckiest girl in the whole room?

I was craving Thai Express and I found a Thai Express under Simons. And more importantly the lovely Cara took a break from puking and had another contest with Socks that Rock as the highly coveted prize AND I WON! I know this will earn me the ire of many of you dear readers, but I actually won my first ever skein of STR from Cara which became my first Jaywalkers.

I can’t wait to get it! Thanks again Cara!

Plus I’m in a city I love meeting some truly lovely people.

Yesterday afternoon we checked in to the Queen Elizabeth of bed in  and Chris’s street gangs conference fame and shorty after I took the Metro to my SP 10 & 11 hostess Robyn‘s neighbourhood and I finally got to meet her. We hung out at her place for a while where I got Sean to model the toddler hat for my shop.

But it seems to have stretched like crazy when I blocked it. I may have to frog and try again.

Robyn also let me swim in all the yarn in her office and then we headed to Second Cup for a knit night.

I had lots of fun and probably talked everyone’s ear off. It’s my shtick when I’m nervous. If you were there please pass your blogs and / or Ravelry IDs along to me.

My table mates were Janet and Alison (dear god I hope I got their names right).

They were so warm and friendly. Janet was so darling I wanted to pick her up and put her in my pocket and carry her around.

The pile in the foreground is my Tangled Yoke. Today I walked all over downtown Montreal (more on that in a sec) and all I bought was some buttons for TY from Fabricville, which is actually French for Fabricland, but they have way more buttons than the ones in Ottawa.

It was hard to capture but they actually have a purplish sheen to them.

I think they will do nicely.

Before this coup I walked for about forty five minutes to and then up rue Saint Hubert and didn’t find one fabric store. I’m not sure if I went in the wrong direction or didn’t go far enough. Either way I was ill prepared.

Now I must gather my strength before my yarnscapade tomorrow!