I have entered some strange dimension where designers who I admire very much invite me into their homes and treat me kindly.

I met Robyn near her home today and we hurried over to Véronik Avery’s home. She is working out of her gorgeous house for the moment so I got to touch her yarn and look at her sketches and meet Mona Schmidt. I will warn you right now that I didn’t take many photos today. I didn’t want to breach their privacy by photographing their personal spaces and then blogging about it.

I did sneak a picture of Véronik signing my book.

She claimed she looks awful. She is mistaken. I was so in awe of her bright, beautiful work space.

Just to the right you can kind of see a large board where she has tacked pattern ideas and swatches, including a swatch from the Collette Pullover from the upcoming Interweave. She has some gorgeous designs coming out at some point that I will wait for on pins and needles.

We hung out for quite a while and chatted as though she were a normal friendly person and not a knitting mastermind. I wore my Shetland Vest because I am a dork.

We then headed to Mouliné, got lost and eventually found Sara and Effiloché. You can bet your booty I spent my yarn money in it’s entirety but the very modest hall will have to wait until tomorrow and sunlight for posting.

When we had finished shopping and lunch, Robyn dropped me off at Kate Gilbert’s house because she said to come on over because she is a kind soul who doesn’t believe people will pose as her admirers on Ravelry and then steal her furniture. We chatted and went out for tea with Tadpole (aka the cutest toddler ever, hands down). She was warm and accommodating and patiently answered my zillion questions. More importantly I did not say anything too stupid or act like a moron.

I can’t get over how the online knitting community is a real community of kind people who will go to great lengths for other knitters just because they share a common joy. Meeting new people is not my forté and I was a little nervous going in to this trip but everyone I’ve met has been so incredibly welcoming and kind and I feel like I’ve known them forever.

I think tomorrow Chris will have to pry my hands off the bedpost while I scream and kick and demand to stay in the great city.