Halloween was great fun and I can’t even tell you how much junk food was left behind by our generous friends. I know sage minds will insist it’s best to freeze the chocolate and take a little taste at special moments but I’m of the mind that you should eat it all in one sitting so it’s out of your environment.

The cupcakes were not the disaster I feared.

It took an entire bottle of yellow food colouring to get them somewhat orange and not salmon pink. They were denser than most cupcakes and quite tasty.

With Halloween out of the way I suppose the holiday season is officially here. I’ve decided to use my days off for gift making. I also decided to start with me. The fully appreciated handmade gift given to me from me was a much needed DPN and short circular needle clutch. It took a couple of tries and the final product is still a bit wonky but it does the trick.

That unimpressive button from an old shirt will be replaced (and centered!) at a later date.

I may make some perfected versions for the shop if there’s any interest. I have lots of different fabrics that I had intended for clothing but I now realize is much more appropriate for accessories and household items.

I still need something for my longer DPNs. I wish I had had the forethought to make one all inclusive case instead of three I will end up with.

Here is the first large one I hand stitched in Japan using the needle roll pattern in Stitch N Bitch.