Apparently I misunderestimated my mother’s computer proficiency. When I was in Montreal she signed in to Messenger (something I knew she could do) and very enthusiastically proclaimed her love of the socks I’m making her for Christmas. I threatened to keep them for violating the silent agreement we had wherein I believed she was incompetent and she called me up and asked me to check her e-mail for her.

As a result, I won’t post any more pictures of the socks on here but I’ll try to update my Ravelry projects with WIP pictures if you’re dying to see how they’re coming along.

I’ve waited to post this until the sting of the incident subsided but it hasn’t happened yet so I’ll tell it now: After leaving Kate’s house on Tuesday I was cheerily walking down rue St. Denis when I spotted a Converse shop. Ottawa does not have such a thing. We have a few Foot Lockers with a couple of boring green and black Chucks and that’s about it. Even though this store was bound to have a better selection, my coveted sheep Converses are listed as rare on the Converse website so I didn’t think I was in danger of finding them after I had blown my Montreal budget. Of course I was wrong. There they were in all their pink sheepy glory. I nearly cried. I nearly cried again when I told my mother-the-computer-nerd yesterday and she said I should have called her collect and borrowed the money. Thank god for the internets and online shopping. Do you know how to do that mom? John Paul can show you! They have them on You know my size.