This gift knitting is really going to kill me.  As I may have mentioned before, I’m not a multitasker, especially when it comes to knitting.  I couldn’t contently work on Tangled Yoke anymore when I had gifts with deadlines hanging over my head.  Consequently, I started, obsessively worked on, and finished three small gifts this weekend.  I can’t show them to you, however, lest the giftee sees them.  I did post two of the three things on my Ravelry page so feel free to zip over there and have a peek.  The third is self designed and undergoing a rigorous blocking to add length but I should be able to upload it to Ravelry tomorrow.

I sneakily removed my Flickr badge from my sidebar so they wouldn’t show up there either.

I hate all this secrecy though!  I suck at surprises.

Before the gift insanity kicked off I did leave the house.  I went to The Ottawa Valley Weaver’s and Spinner’s Guild show at the Glebe Community Centre with Nat.  I was sad to realize upon arriving that I had forgotten my camera so unfortunately I have no pictures.  I suppose my colourful prose will have to do.  It was nice.

Nat bought two balls of alpaca from a couple who apparently worked on an alpaca farm in Peru  for ten years. I was tempted but I really hate having one or two balls of yarn lying around and I wasn’t in the market for a whole sweater’s worth.

We were not at all tempted to purchase from the lady who had all kinds of accessories knit from various pet furs.  Rationally, I don’t know why I’m down with sheep hair but find border collie mittens repulsive, but that’s just the way it is.

We also stopped off at Yarn Forward and Knit Knackers on the way home.  I’m perpetually disappointed with Yarn Forward but I have a soft spot for Knit Knackers.  A kind older lady owns it and she always has some crazy European mystery yarns on the cheap.  My love has grown considerably now that the stock has improved by leaps and bounds.  She had some Malabrigo, Louet Gems and lots of Mirasol.  Her new employee (coworker?) also said she’d look into getting in some Regia Canadian Colours for me.  Awesome!

In other news, I got my Craft zine in the mail today.   I can’t fickin’ wait to sit down and read it.  When it first came out I thought it was way expensive for a craft magazine but it is oh so much more.  The thing is, there are barely any ads, so it’s more like a craft novel. I also discovered that it’s a lot cheaper to subscribe than to buy it on the newsstands.  A lot.  Because it has a wide range of crafty project, Chris also really enjoys it.  He might even carve some gourds at some future date.