Tomorrow is my friend Michelle’s last day at work before she goes on maternity leave. She had a midwife appointment today and since I’m a casual worker at her organisation as of last week I replaced her this morning. I thought it would be nice to throw the little send off that the organisation did not feel was necessary to plan. Last night I made brownies following this fabulous recipe but I knew I wanted to jazz them up a bit. Michelle is to shoes what I am to yarn and she is the one who got me hooked on Fluevogs so I decided on a shoe themed dessert. I drew a shoe shape and the Fluevog symbol on some waxed paper, cut them out and placed the outline on the brownies. I loaded up my sifter with icing sugar and went to town.

To say I was pleased would be a massive understatement. I felt like a rock star. The brownies were tasty to boot.

I also made a sign but that’s not so impressive.

This is the first baby in our little circle of friends and I think it will be spoiled with attention. At least if I have a say.

When I got home from work I found my favourite thing ever in my mail box. A package! My last SP reveal package extraordinaire!

Another Michelle, this one of the famed Sweet Sheep was my awesome pal. She sent me Rhinebeck goodies! The yarn is Spirit Trail Fiberworks Merino Superwash. It’s super squishy and I’m so happy to have another solid coloured sock yarn in my stash. Thanks so much Michelle!