How long have I been knitting?  So much has happened since I last lifted my head.

Please note: this photo in no way accurately represents the true colour of TY.  See previous posts for the real shade.

Thoughts so far:

  • Why do I have almost three whole balls of Felted Tweed left over?  Anyone?
  • When will I remember to add length to every flippin’ thing I knit?  I’m not tall.  By any stretch of the imagination. Please blocking, work your magic.
  • I’m displeased by the four huge holes where the underarm stitches were grafted.
  • The collar is much poofier and Mary Maxim circa 1962 than I expected.
  • It fits!  Stop whining!

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get a decent modelled photo tomorrow as I’m working all day then going straight to the salon for a much needed hair cut and it now starts getting dark at two (I swear!) but I’m sure I’ll have some dark, tired-faced yet with great-hair photos soon.

Now that this speed freak monkey is off my back I actually completed other tasks today.  Like laundry! and grocery shopping! and baking!

These are these. I haven’t tried them yet as they’re for breakfasts but I will give the verdict.

The jury is already in on these guys:

Remember when I made these glorious cookies and raved about them (can you tell I love Allrecipes? It’s Epicurious’s less stuck up little sister)?  Same recipe.  Same baker.  Different day.  Way suckier.  I think I needed more flour but I ran out.  It doesn’t stop us from eating them though.

At least I have an awesome container to store them in.

I got this at Value Village many year ago.  On the side it says “nuts and sesame seed moon cakes with one egg yolks.”

I also finally got to use these awesome labels that I got just before I left Japan.

I have two more that say ‘bread’ and ‘rice’ (of course) and many more around the apartment with other labels and cute pictures.