Tomorrow is the birthday of the lovely Nat.

Yesterday following many hours of fabric and yarn shopping I hosted a little party for her. I had a scheme involving a marzipan knitting decorations cake but then I remembered that I don’t particularly like marzipan and that it’s very expensive. So, I made this fantastic cake, substituting marscapone for half the sour cream as that’s what was available, and some buttercream and broke out the gel decorating pens that I bought for Nat’s cake last year:

and I made a non-marzipan knitting cake:

I was disappointed with how the detail kind of melted away but everyone got the general idea and it was certainly delicious.

Her gift was the third and perfected version of the DPN case I posted about a few weeks ago. I had actually made it then but didn’t want to post about it in case she saw it. I know she’ll put it to good use.

Coming tomorrow (I promise) Tangled Yoke Pictures!