Tangled Yoke was officially finished last Thursday but I arrived home in the dark Thursday and Friday and Saturday was all about the shopping and birthday partying so there were no decent (meaning daylight, not meaning me looking presentable) pictures until Sunday.

I’m wearing a hat because it is November and cold not because I’m trying to look too cool for school.

This pattern is really obscure so here are all the details:

Patterns:  Tangled Yoke Cardigan ~ Interweave Knits Fall 2007

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in Bilberry ~ six balls

Size: 38″ (woohoo!)

Time: October 22ndish-November 15th

Thoughts:  I wish I hadn’t ignored my instinct and had done fewer rows on the collar.  It appeared to be very sturdy and petite on the pattern and every other picture I had seen of it, but when I followed the instructions it ended up poofy and floppy.  I might eventually have to reinforce the button band with ribbon as it’s also floppy.  Anyone know how?  I should have added more length after the rib in the body but you should have seen how cropped it was before a vigorous blocking!  In general, though, I’ve worn it a lot and gotten a lot of compliments on it.

I’m almost finished two other projects, one knitting, one sewing, for Christmas gifts but I won’t be posting them here lest the recipients see it.  The knit project can be seen on Ravelry soon and the sewing will have to wait until after Christmas.  I wish Ravelry had a sewing category.