I can finally reveal some of my secret knitting projects in this here blog.  Our friends Michelle and Alex are expecting a baby girl on December 28th.  This being their first child, Nat and I co-hosted a shower to try to get them some much needed baby goods.  S0, a few weekends ago I started in on the baby knitting.

First, I made something a bit impractical, but one for the keeping, I hope.

Baby Bonnet from Drops.  Elann Alpaca Fina in Peridot.

Then I wanted to make something out of leftover Socks that Rock as it would be washable and bright. I fell prey to the cuteness that is Saartje’s Booties.

They were a big hit.

With the rest of my STR I improvised a hat. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of one colour to make it a good size so I had to do a couple stripes, which I hated at first, but I now only mildly resent.

I can’t wait to get real modelled pictures on the baby herself!

I was also in charge of providing the desserts so I made  lemon squares and chocolate peanut butter cookies.   They were great!  The first sheet of cookies burned and were not brought to the shower. As soon as all my baking and gift wrapping were done I marched to the grocery store and bought a new double insulated sheet that’s supposed to prevent burning.  We’ll see if it works.