Tomorrow is Ladyfest’s Not Your Grandma’s (when will they change that title? I thought we had all agreed that it was dismissive of the lady crafters who set the scene for us younger DIYers) Holiday Craftsale.


This sale is a welcome change to the stodgy church basement craft sales that pop up all over the place but to be honest I’m really hoping they change up their vendors a bit this time.  I live less than a block away from the sale location and always stop by but I’m getting antsy for some fresh fare.  Not that I don’t love all the rockin’ standbys.  I have purchased much that they have to offer, but I’d love to see what some young upstarts have to offer.

In other news, I am weak.  No thanks to Michelle who now knows my shoe size and wants me to be roomies with her in the poorhouse, I am a few ebay hours away from owning these:

These match my other Fluevog’s  which doesn’t bother me at all.  Because they are glorious.  They will not fit my calves, of this I am sure, but Fluevog has a stretching contraption, so worse comes to worse, they will be wearable the next time I or Michelle goes to Toronto.  Of course I will not be able to wait that long, and will be spending the day I receive these coating my gams with Becel.

My chunky tights search is on the upswing.  I have discovered Tights Online.  They have XL cotton tights with a very generous size range but I really have my heart set on wool, so I ordered their wool tights in charcoal.  According to the size range I should be able to squeeze into them.

 Thank Santa for my recent work influx.