Apparently, lamenting my calf size was moot for two reasons:

1) Some charitable soul outbid me on the Fluevogs

2) I seem to have misplaced my shin in a snowbank somewhere

It is mad snowing out there.  When I walked out my building today my jaw just dropped.  I wish I had my camera.  I don’t really mind the snow as long as:

1) My Duo boots get here ASAP

2) It all melts on boxing day

Before all this crazy snow started it was just crazy cold.  We became acutely aware of this on Saturday when we decided to walk all over god’s green earth (or our frozen solid capital centretown).  First up we went to the Ladyfest craftsale.  My wish for a seller mix up was heard but I found a new foe: the need to elbow my way through the throngs to get even a glimpse of the offerings.   I request a venue change.  I know, so hard to please.  We’ve already got most of our Christmas gifts in the mail or under the tree (more on that later) so we only purchased some delicious Kaluha pecans and spicy almonds from May Contain Nuts (I can’t find a website but if you see them around, I do recommend them).

 After squeezing our way out of the Jack Purcell Centre, we did a few more errands and I cursed my failure to wear every single piece of outwear I own, and I’m a knitter, so that’s saying something.  Our spirits stayed warm as we picked out our first ever real Christmas tree in the market.  Chris carried it home as I repeatedly smacked my thighs just to be sure they were still there.

Once at home, we set the tree up in its ugly plastic stand and left it there to settle, much to Chris’s chagrin.  We did not rest though.  We rolled out the packing paper we had bought in place of shiny, non-recyclable gift wrap, and whittled us some sweet potato stamps.  I made a gimpy star and Chris a perfect tree and we went to town.

I think I will be attributing this roll to our imaginary three year old, but the next roll will surely have all the kinks worked out.

Yesterday was all about the tree. First, we collaborated on making a tree skirt

 which will serve as a hair cutting apron for Chris eleven months of the year

A few hours and a totally trashed apartment later, we had a piney smelling cute little decorated tree

Felt balls I made in Japan with Erin

I hope your weekend had all the craft without the cold!