This weekend, like most, involved much hand making, but unlike most other weekends I was a well rounded little crafter and didn’t focus solely on knitting. Unfortunately, a likely hobby-related injury prevented me from finishing most of my knit and sewed projects but I did kick off my holiday baking.

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas baking but what with there just being two of us to polish off a few dozen cookies it usually ends in tears and stomach problems. Saturday my knitting friends Nat, Michelle and Krystyna (blogless all three) were coming over for an afternoon of stitching so I used their visit as an excuse to unleash the goodies.

I had a friend from Newfoundland who’s mother happened to be Scottish. Once I visited her around Christmas and she had set out treats, including some cheese biscuits her mother had just brought her from Montreal. I wanted to be dainty and polite and only eat one or two but they were so frickin’ good Chris and I almost finished the whole tin. She gave me the recipe and I promptly lost it. All I knew was that it had Imperial Cheese in it. Enter the glory of the wide wide world of webs. My friends, I give you Newfoundland Cheese Biscuits:

This one is a little overcooked but it was the sole surviver of the afternoon, so deal. These are delicious. Seriously. Go make them.

After baking these I took stock of my old Christmas cookie standbys and I realized I don’t even like most of them. Sure, I’ll eat a shortbread or two at a church basement function, but I really could do without them. It dawned on me then that I like balls.

Cherry Balls! These were a bit messy to eat and make but very tasty.

I also had some great peppermint cookies that Chris had made a couple of days before, rounding out the triumvirate of awesomeness.

And so my December weekend cookie diet is off and running.

In an attempt to distract myself from knitting I also made some rolls for dinner last night.

I rarely make leavened breads, generally believing they are the devil’s progeny and will rise when and if they damn well feel like it, but these turned out pretty well.