The jury is still out as to whether or not I’ll have enough yarn to finish the sweater. All of the main knitting and seaming is done. I even seamed with a different yarn to conserve. I still have to pick up and knit the six stitch wide neck band and this is what’s left.

If I don’t have enough I will consider:

  1. doing a crochet edge, even though I hate crochet
  2. calling Wool ‘N Things and seeing if she has a ball of the same yarn, most likely in a different dye lot, and going there tomorrow after work
  3. pleading with people on Ravelry to donate their Rowan Pure Wool DK Plum yarn. I dread this option because it would involve grovelling and waiting weeks to complete my intended Christmas sweater.

Please continue sending luck wishes in my general direction.Not all is stress and tears though! While Chris was at Volleyball, the sleeves were drying and the finale of Project Runway Canada was on (Biddell is a bit of a dick but he does have talent) I started and finished an Earflap Cap from Handknit Holidays!

I had forgotten how awkward (yet speedy!) knitting with giant needles and fat yarn is. Eventually, I’d like to do the ties in a contrasting colour but while I wait for some good angel to send some contrasting Cascade Magnum my way, I added some old earrings as embellishments:

It seems very warm but I haven’t taken it for a test walk yet.

Fun Fact! Magnum must be wound into two cakes as it all won’t fit on a standard winder.

I still have almost a whole cake left. I have no idea what to do with it but I could probably be convinced to swap it for the aforementioned contrast colour!