Chris is at work so we’ll have to make do with my unflattering self portraits of the finished, awesome Ultracranberry Pullover:

I did not run out of yarn as the only finishing that needed to be done was to pick up some stitches on a holder at the top of the shoulder and knit them to the centre back neck, join them and stitch it down. That’s my kind of pattern!

The details:

Pattern: Ultraviolet V-Neck from Runway Knits

Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool DK in Port – 11 skeins (exactly!)

Needles: 4.0. mm

Size: Medium

Dates: November 25th – December 18th

Modifications: Almost none. I kitchener stitched the back neck stitches instead of binding off and seaming them. I also had a little problem with a strange hump on each back shoulder when I was done seaming:

I undid the shoulder seam and tucked the hump in and seamed over it.

When I was weaving in ends I tacked the little triangle down. It doesn’t seem to be noticeable from the outside.

Final Thoughts: Love it! I’ve been really wishing for a warm pullover and this is definitely that. The all over pattern of the same four row repeat got a bit boring but I think the stitch pattern and the shape is really flattering. When I wash it I think I might try to stretch it a weensy bit in length.

Having completed the holiday sweater, I wanted to get started on some socks for the car trip and holiday adventures to and in Halifax in three days. Since I already had some oh-so-appropriate Fleece Artist Merino sock out in Blackberry for seaming, I thought I would wind the hanks up. I fitted it on to my homemade (but unfortunately ineffectual) swift and started winding. Something was wrong. I couldn’t figure out what. Without the intervention of evil cats or naughty children my lovely hank, which I purchased for myself after selling some goods on my Etsy shop, became a nasty, gnarled mess. After four hours of cursing and nearly crying I managed to get one perfect cake:

But then I could go no further. In a fit of rage I reached for my scissors and hacked away. I got one small cake of yarn knotted all over the place and this:

This is after many hours of both Chris and I picking away. It’s cut in several places but refuses to yield. I don’t know what to do. Throw it and the tied-allover ball into the trash and replace it next week when I visit Fleece Artist in Halifax? Keep untangling to end up with more small lengths? Wail and curse the gods? Any other more constructive suggestions are more than welcome.