Since we’re heading to Halifax on Saturday to spend Christmas with our best friends, we had our Christmas celebration with my family (minus my dad who was in bed with a cold) last night. We went out for Japanese food and then headed to our place for gift exchanging. I can reveal two more Christmas knit gifts.

When I got my Holiday Interweave Knits my sister inserted a note on the page with the Little Gem fingerless gloves saying they would make an excellent Christmas gift for her. I added up the cost of all those colours in my head and thought it was a little pricey considering you don’t even get fingers. I did some Ravelry scouring and sent some options her way. She picked a few she liked and I settled on Rose’s Fingerless Wrist Warmers.

She really, really loved them. I think it’s pretty cool that a fourteen year old can be counted on to go nuts over handmade gifts.

My mom also finally got her socks as she discovered months ago on this here blog.

I also got a shot of some socks I made for my sister almost a year ago. These are Yarn Over Cable socks from Sensational Knitted Socks in Sandes Garden Sisu yarn, which she purchased herself.

On the receiving end, I really cleaned up this year. Encouraged by Chris, my mom made a trip to Wool ‘n Things. She got me some Austermann Step Sock Yarn:

A hot water bottle and sheepy cover (this is actually from Bouclair):

A little bottle of Euclan, which I’ve never actually tried before, and some Stitchkeepers:

And the pièce de résistance, a beautiful, much needed swift:

I was so excited to try it out I could barely sleep last night (sad, but true). It works like a dream. Just look at the symmetry of this cake of Paca Peds:

Glorious. You done good mom.

An update on the Fleece Artist fiasco: I got the snarled mess shown yesterday untangled and ended up with eleven little balls:

I think I eventually will bite the bullet and knit a pair of socks with it that will have billions of ends to weave in because I can’t bare to chuck beautiful yarn in my favourite colours.