Tomorrow I will be spending approximately eighteen hours in a rented car so I thought a new sock was just the thing to keep me awake and calm while other drivers did stupid things on snowy roads. At first I thought a plain sock would be my best bet. No pattern to keep track of so it would be easy to pick up and work on. But I strongly feel that the beautiful sock yarns in my stash deserve better. I sifted through all the patterns I have in my Ravelry queue and saved to my desktop and settled on Nutkin. I’m really glad I did.

This pattern reminds me of Monkeys (the socks, not the mammal) because it’s easy to remember and addictive. I’d love to try these again in a solid or semi-solid yarn that would show off the pattern more. I’m using the Pony Pearl DPNs that Michelle sent me. At first I hated them because they’re a bit dull but now I think they’re great. They’re really lightweight unlike Addi Turbos and they have a bit of bend. The dullness actually works well with the splitty Paca Peds yarn.

I’ve realized that I’m never going to feel like putting on tights, my new boots, and the skirt I’ve made, let alone brushing my hair and putting on mascara to get a picture to post. But I’m rather proud of the skirt I finished a few weeks back so my bed was kind enough to model it.

The pattern called for wool crepe or gabardine, which seems to cost about thity dollars a yard, so it was polyester blend suiting for me. Unfortunately it weighs six pounds looks a bit like upholstery on me but I’m really happy with how the pleats, zipper and curves came out considering I’m still a beginner sewer.

The Duo Boots came last week and once the bitterness of having to turn seventy bucks over to customs subsided I took them for a walk around The Glebe. It was not a pleasant trip. Apparently the boots are not as waterproof as one might imagine. I got a waterproofing spray and that seems to have done the trick. They do fit very well in the calve, although they bunch up a bit around the ankles and are quite big in the foot. I wear a size 9 which, according to their site, translates to a 40 European. I probably should have gotten a 39 or 38. They are really comfortable, however, and I have no qualms about wearing them all day.

I also got my wool tights from Tights Online this week. They are loooooong. But, they fit my thighs and hips and they’re warm, so I’m happy.

Now that all of my Christmas cards have been sent, and I’m assuming received, I can show you what I chose from Etsy. It was hard to narrow it down but these ones were my favourites.

A little bird told me from Mew Paper Arts.

Kobito Elves from Fugu Fugu Press.

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas, or relaxing long weekend, as your background dictates. I will no doubt have some new yarn / knitting related goodies to show you when we get back from out East in a little over a week. So long!