I am a paragon of restraint.  I’ll wait for the laughter to die down before I continue.  Picture it: Halifax – Christmas Eve.  Erin and I braved a Maritime rain storm (how festive) to visit The Loop.  I had planned on purchasing from their generous stock of local yarns but ended up going a different route.

Cascade 220 in Royal and Natural for the Bird in Hand Mitts (more on that tomorrow, I hope).

And more alpaca sock yarn!

On the 27th we visited LK Yarns and Tangled Skeins.  I loved Tangled Skeins.  They had a great stock and everything was on sale! So obviously I bought nothing.  Unfortunately none of their lovely yarns matched the projects in my queue.  Erin, a non-knitter, actually spent more than me.  She purchased some Brittany Birches and some Cascade 220 to attempt a scarf.  Unfortunately it was our last day there and she spent the evening winding the hank into a ball so I was unable to give her a hand but I assured her that the internet was probably just as adept a teacher.

On an unrelated but much more significant note, two of our close friends had baby girls within twelve hours of each other on New Years Eve and New Years Day so I have newborns to stalk.  Congratualtions Michelle and Alex and Troy and Julie!