I have an old apartment with characteristic tiny bathroom. As long as my knees fit between the toilet and the tub I’m cool but the lack of under sink cupboard exposing the pipes and robbing us of storage space always annoyed me. This weekend I finally did something about it.

I was simultaneously thrilled that this took me about ten minutes and annoyed that I waited so long to do it. All I did was measure around the outside of the sink and from the top to to the floor, measured out a piece of fabric to match, cut and seamed all of the edges. Then I used sticky velcro to sew on to the fabric and stick to the edge of the sink. That’s it. Now I have somewhere to stow my t.p. I’d like to stick a shelf under there but that would involve some fancy cutting with a router or something so I’ll leave that to Chris. I wish we didn’t enjoy such traditionally gendered hobbies but what can you do?