Tuesday I finished my Aktion socks and immediately started fantasizing about making a pair of socks every six days in 2008.

Then I remembered how boring that would quickly become.

These are a bit big in the foot but I love ’em.  I cast on 64 stitches but I would recommend fewer.  I held the reinforcement thread with the yarn for the heel and the toe.  The only somewhat exciting thing I did with these is Grafting on the Needles since I was at work and without a darning needle when I finished the first sock. I really enjoyed this method.  It’s not radically different from standard kitchener stitch but you don’t have to stop to pull the yarn which is a big plus for me since I always end up ripping the yarn when I tug.

You may remember that these were supposed to be an at work project but my single-project ways kicked in and I ended up working on these all weekend.  That was an issue when I was called in to work on Wednesday so I started some Hedgerow Socks out of the doomed but beautiful Blackberry Fleece Artist.

True story: I spent about twenty minutes trying to get a focused photo.  Damn overcast skies and mottled stitch pattern.  So far I’m not in love with these but I’m basically copying a pair I saw on Ravelry in the same yarn which turned out great so I’m trying to keep the faith.  I haven’t gotten to the knotted cake yet.  I don’t want to think about it cake and all those little balls that will have to be employed eventually.