The bird in hand mitts are complete.

Just for fun here’s a pre-blocking shot:

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Royal and Natural from The Loop in Halifax

Needles: 2.5 mm Pony Pearls

Pattern: Bird in Hand Mittens by Kate Gilbert

Modifications: I forgot row 32 so I did the decreases on row 34 instead. Not so much a modification as a mistake.  I also grafted the tips on the needles.

Notes: I employed a tip from someone on Ravelry  (I’ll try to find out who!) and blocked these by soaking them for a good long while, rolling them in a towel and then stretching them on my straightened out wire sock blockers  with a 15 mm knitting needle jammed in the thumb.  I placed them on the radiator for quick drying.

These were fun to knit but let me tell you, the embroidery on the thumbs was hell.

On one mitt more than another because you know what?

Yeah.  That’s not a camera trick; one mitt is significantly bigger than the other.  This is simply because I loosened my gauge the second time around.  The first mitt is taking another bath because I can barely move my hand around in it while the first fits like a glove.  Or a mitt.

In cooking news, I used the ramekins my aunt and uncle gave us for Christmas to make Little Cheese Soufflés on Friday.

I used some organic Gouda and they were great!  Ramekins were always one of those things I wanted but could never justify buying because you use them so rarely.  Now I can make all the rice moulds and crème brûées I want.  I just need a kitchen torch.