Remember back at the end of the October when I went nuts because I won some Socks that Rock from Cara?  Yesterday it came.

Let me state for the record that if I was eleventy weeks pregnant and yaking every day and working through it all I would not be assembling lovely packages for people I’ve never met.  I’m not Cara.  This is my favourite Soak scent and I’ve never tried slanted darning needles and I don’t have this card and the yarn is so much lovelier in person that on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts site.  Isn’t that always the case with them though?  Methinks they need a reshoot.

While I’ve got you here I need your opinions, preferably by six p.m. E.S.T.  I started my Road to Golden on Sunday while my second Bird in Hand was drying.  Last night I got to the colourwork section.  I’ve endevoured to copy Nicole’s RTG, even pestering her to post a detailed colour list on Ravelry. But, when I ordered the yarn from Little Knits she didn’t have any butter yellow Ella Rae.  So I ordered the lemon / lime yellow.  But I can’t tell if I hate it or not.

This was the best picture I could get at ten-thirty last night so the colours are a little off.  The darkest colour is a deep purple, not navy blue or black, but I think you still get the idea.  What do you think? Should I go shopping for some buttery yellow because this is too overpowering in an early nineties ski sweater kind of way or is it fun and bright and not a big deal?  Discuss.