I haven’t been feeling so hot lately so there hasn’t been much knitting going on but I did finish one repeat of the pattern on RTG a couple of days ago.  I’m liking the colour now:

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the lemon / lime debate via comments and e-mail.  The results were resoundedly in favour of keeping the yellow.  The only naysayer was Chris but what can you expect from someone who’s entire wardrobe is navy blue and grey?

I’m finding knitting with more than two colours a bit of a challenge.  I’m not a hundred percent sure how to carry the colours up the side and if I’m doing it for too long.  I’ve been laying the unused colours over the needle on the first stitch and then continuing to knit with the prescribed colours.  This is the method recommended in The Knitting Answer Book.  All those balls of yarn get pretty tangled and I’m a bit hesitant to pick the sweater up or put it away knowing what a massive mess it is.  I suppose I could wind some bobbins but that seems like work and I don’t really see how that would help.  I’ve read up on some stranded techniques but I guess I get a bit overwhelmed.  I have a tendency to not want to take the time to understand a new strategy and to just want to work with what I know, even if that results in loose floats or weaving in a million ends.  Call me lazy.

In other stranded news, I’m thinking of reknitting the right Bird in Hand Mitten.  To be honest I’m not a huge fan of wearing mittens in general due to my hatred of knit fabric rubbing together but with it being super snug I’ve been avoiding wearing them even more.  I think I might start knitting it with the Cascade that I have left over only frogging if and when I run out. Any suggestions or opinions?