What I really love about cabled and stranded projects is how addictive they become. I will literally (and pathetically) organize my time around completing pattern repeats. Road to Golden is no exception.

It was coming along so quickly that I had to come to a decision about the neck sooner than I anticipated. The original has a straight boat neck kind of dealy very similar to the Marseilles Pullover. I neglect my Marseilles because the front rubs against my neck which I absolutely can’t stand. So, I settled on a v-neck with absolutely no idea how to execute it. I really admire knitters who use patterns as a jumping off point but then work their magic for their own personalized version. I’ve always been a bit too lazy or lacking in confidence to change patterns too much but I’ve realized that if I’m not going to wear something because of one troublesome feature it’s really not worth knitting as published. I begged for help on Ravelry but my request was quickly buried so I tried scribbling out my own decrease math. Math and me are not on speaking terms so I hope I got the decreases right. As you can see, I decided to steek the neck so I wouldn’t have to work the stranded pattern back and forth. I completed the body section up to the sleeve join point and came to the sad conclusion that this much yellow:

Would not be enough to complete the single pattern repeat and sleeve patterning that’s left. I wasn’t too frustrated by this discovery because at least I was ready to work on the sleeves which are mostly plain. I would simply place another order from Little Knits while I worked on them. This didn’t go quite as planned as a) Little Knits has a twenty five dollar minimum for orders and my single skein was $5.50 and b) I had completed one and half sleeves by yesterday evening. Nat helped me overcome the former problem by tacking some more yarn and books on to my order as I couldn’t find anything that I needed. Unfortunately, I’ll still have to put RTG aside while I wait for my order to arrive. My plan is to use this time to revisit some old projects that I botched the finishing on or need to add length to. We’ll see how that goes.

The pictures above really don’t convey the brightness of the yellow yarn but this shot (scroll down) from Little Knits really shows it’s blindingness.