The Interweave Spring preview is up!

My biggest fixing challenge was my Cathay Spring Pullover that I made in late March of last year. I was quite pleased with this sweater when I finished it but now I don’t wear it much because the top was a bit too short resulting in the ribbing hitting me mid-bust instead of below-bust and the collar flipped in uncontrollably. Here’s a picture of it after I had just finished (with the neck carefully flattened for the photo):

And today:

This was kind of daunting. I had to undo the shoulder seams and remove the sleeves. Then I ripped back to below the neck shaping and added a few rows, and knit back up, bound off and sewed the shoulder seams. Actually, I did this twice. The first time I hadn’t added any length somehow. The second time I was more careful. Then, I reattached the sleeves and reknit the collar. I bound off using the stem stitch bind off that I heard about from Veronik when I saw her in Montreal. I still have to reblock it but I’m already happier. I haven’t decided what I’ll tackle next.