Today I dragged my tired, still kinda sick butt out of bed at 6:45 and took the bus across town in the freezing cold to go to an all day mickey mouse workshop. I was feeling pretty grumpy when I got home but I was immediately cheered by my favourite sight ever: a package! The dear, Miss Cara, whom I have never met though she lives one street away from me and is clearly awesome, sent me some Cascade Magnum that she had left over for the trim of my earflap hat. But her profound awesomeness did not stop there for she also included a tape measure and a letter.

How Cara guessed that I love all things sheep and that I have a massive (like embarrassing) collection of Japanese stationary that I hauled back with me from Japan is a mystery. She will be rewarded in the near future.

I’m looking forward to doing many more swaps with friends from now on since there’s too great a risk of getting burned in anonymous stranger swaps. Erin and I are already working on an ongoing one but if anyone else who I’ve either met or are blog friends of mine (as in we comment on each other’s blog or Ravelry projects kinda thing) are interested in swaps let me know. I loves me my mail and buying things.