The very evening I received Cara’s generous gift I detached the braids from my Earflap Hat and made new ones with her lovely contrasting yarn.

I even tried embroidering a little star on the right side so I would know which way to put it on:

Try being the operative word.  I may take it out for a skate on the canal this afternoon!

Despite dutifully listening to Stash and Burn and avoiding the urge to visit yarn stores I had a moment of weakness this weekend.  I received an e-mail on Saturday morning from Claudia at Wollmeise informing me that they would be uploading new yarns at noon my time.  I felt that sweaty little beastly compulsion kick in and I scoured the site feverishly for stocked yarns.  I came out with two skeins of the new Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin in Rosenrot and Poison # 5. I can’t frickin’ wait to get it.

I promised Erin that I would link the recipe for the lemon scones I made last week.  I have no attractive pictures but suffice it to say that they taste exactly like the Bridgehead lemon scones that we’re addicted to.  Maybe even better.  Just make sure to sprinkle coarse sugar on top before baking. Also, the second ingredient in the recipe should read ‘1/3 cup sugar’ instead of flour.