According to Canada Post at least (and perhaps actual geography? Not one of my strongest points). My Ella Rae Classic from Little Knits is still on a donkey somewhere (I completely blame the post office – not the awesome LK staff) but I got my beautiful Wollmeise yesterday evening.

Snapped in the waning light.  Claudia included her generous little extras.  The bag underneath the goodies has an extensive list of German-English knitting terms.  Fun!

This news of Seattle’s extreme distance also comes at a sad time as I had to say goodbye for now to Robyn on Friday.  Robyn’s greedy husband lives in Seattle and she insisted on moving to Vancouver to be closer to him while she waits for U.S. immigration to realize she is an upstanding and well-educated future citizen.

B.C. has taken both Robyn and Jane from me in the last few months.  Damn your warm weather and scenic views B.C.!  Damn you!

 And today’s Erin’s birthday! 

Here we are thirteen years ago!  We no longer rock the cat posters and bandanas but we are no less rockin’.