I can’t believe it worked.

Pattern: Road to Golden by Lisa Shroyer – Knitscene Fall 2007

Yarn: Ella Rae Classic from Little Knits, 3 skeins Beige, 2 skeins Lemon / Lime Yellow, 1 skein Aubergine, 1 skein Lilac, 1 skein Apple Green. I totally took my colour queues from Nicole’s RTG.

Modifications: Get comfy. I almost never change patterns. I figure the designer is a designer and he or she knows what he or she was going for. Who am I to doubt their artistic vision? Plus I’m kind of lazy.  In the case of RTG I loved Lisa Shroyer’s design BUT it had the exact same neckline as my Marseilles Pullover and I can barely stand wearing that thing because it rubs on my neck and I HATE that. I can’t really walk you through my modifications in a detailed and logical manner because that’s not at all how I executed them. I just don’t have that kind of brain. Just before the arm joining round I began a neck steek. I tried to figure out how many stitches I would need to decrease at the neck but my numbers were way off so I had to wing it in the end. I did more decreases at the top. I did a neck steek about seven rows before the last row. I did a crochet steek, I picked up around the neck and knit some rows in garter stitch.

I literally could not be happier with this, as if the plethora of pictures didn’t indicate that. I want to wear it every day and to be honest I’ve never had that inclination with one of my handmade sweaters. For starters it’s not stiflingly warm, unlike my other sweaters. I was really starting to think I would have to convert to wool / cotton blends exclusively because I would just about pass out on the bus when wearing my handknit sweaters, and I’m not even a naturally warm person when it comes to body heat. But if a stranded sweater can be just the right amount of warm, I have not lost my faith in the power of wool.

The only thing that has clouded my happiness is that the needle I used for this seems to have disappeared into a black hole somewhere and of course it is the same needle I need for Wicked. I refuse to buy another one until I locate the first one but to be honest I’m starting to doubt it ever existed.