Wicked was finished so quickly I didn’t even have time to post progress photos.



Pattern: Wicked from Zephyr Style.

Yarn: 10 balls Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran in Peacock from Cumberpatch U.K. So squishy!

Size: 36-39″

Needles: 4.25 mm and 4.5 mm circulars, 4.5 DPNs

Time: February 13th – February 20th! Thank you Twin Peaks Gold Edition!

Modifications: I think I’m a convert to this customizing your sweaters business. Especially with a sweater so customizable. I used an Aran weight yarn instead of Worsted so I cast on for a smaller size than I normally would. I did the yoke with the 4.25 mm needles because I didn’t want it to be quite so wide. I added the waist shaping. I added a few rows to the seed stitch border at the bottom. I did quite a few decreases in the sleeves or they would have been really big. I cast off the underarm stitches and then cast some back on instead of just leaving them as the pattern called for because I had heard it left a big hole. When I picked up the sleeves I also picked up some stitches from the cast off underarm edge.

I would have preferred long sleeves proper but I don’t think I would have had enough yarn. At least it’s not short sleeved. I don’t get short sleeved wool sweaters. Seriously. If it’s too cold for a t-shirt than it’s too cold for not having sleeves.

This is my “it’s so comfy it makes me a narcoleptic (like I needed any help)” shot.

Ideally I would like to keep the sweater train on the rails and finish Enid (as a pullover) and the Cabled Cardigan from Runway Knits before it gets too warm to want to knit them. Given how freezing it is outside today I probably have a little while yet. I’m also worried that if I leave them until next fall I will be swayed by all the fall and winter knitting magazines hitting the stands with all their glorious sweaters and I will lose all motivation. Thirdly, I want to get rid of my stash. No really, I’m serious. At times all these queues and stash lists, while organisationally friendly, can feel a bit like a chore list. I would like to instead start getting inspired by a project or a design idea and find the perfect yarn for it instead of stockpiling in moments of weakness. So there.

Funny story; Erin and I have officially kicked off our package exchange and wouldn’t you know that the first thing we sent to each other, without any previous mention, was Momiji dolls.

We also have matching Kokeshi dolls that we got in Japan. Sisters!

She also declined the offer of the skirt so if anyone has a need for the above-the-knee skirt with a 31 inch waist that I mentioned last post let me know. I’ll charge for shipping only.