I keep reading in people’s blogs that spring is coming and birds are chirping and cycling is underway and while I see no evidence of that here, I thought I would cheer myself with a warm weather skirt.

I apologize for the bluriness. We took dozens of pictures and this is the only one in which I’m not doing something weird with my arms. I also apologize for the black tights. Rest assured that come spring they will not appear in the same room as this skirt but I didn’t think anyone needed a glimpse of my winter white calves.

This is the Asian Dream skirt from Sew What Skirts. I really recommend this book if you already have a couple of skirt under your belt but don’t really enjoy working with traditional patterns. I say you need some experience because details were lacking at times. This led to an initial skirt that was about ten inches too big all around and made me look about a hundred inches wider. I ended up turning the skirt inside out, pinching in a few inches and sewing a new seam. I’m not sure if this is the proper way to do things but it worked for me. Except that the front panel is pretty wide. Oh well. I’m still happy and dreaming of Spring.